Happy Hour

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Please Join us on St. Patricks Day (March 17th) from 1pm – 4pm  to take part in the Forefathers Rum Experience and private tasting at MLH Distillery™

$75 dollars for couples

$50 dollars for singles

what’s included:

– Catered lunch from Rolling Smoke

– Two Forefathers Rum inspired cocktails

– One bottle of Forefathers Rum Batch 1 (Barrel signed by the Forefathers)

– Can purchase up to one extra bottle for 40 dollars while supplies last

– And the opportunity to purchase futures from Batch 2 Barrel 2

Stop by during business hours to purchase tickets starting this Thursday and ask for the Forefathers Rum Experience March 17th


May 20, 2019

Happy Hour @MLH

5 dollar Forefathers Cocktail Specials. Along with 5 dollar craft beers and glasses of Pennsylvania wine
June 5, 2019

SorcERIE Food Truck

Come out and enjoy some delicious food! https://www.facebook.com/Sorceriefoodtruck/?eid=ARCEl8JTV0kgGnRz0GK9qeBDqj_1Y4guINNdv4MdrCrU3_Uzche2fxQbVaTi-RgKFOMalZGGIirjXlkr